Robert Maloney

A graduate of the University of Washington, Bob started practicing architecture in Seattle in 1974 and formed Robert Maloney Architects in 1987.  He has traveled extensively and brings a global sensibility to his design process. His knowledge and depth of experience give him a unique ability to work collaboratively with clients on all aspects of the design. 



Based in the Pacific Northwest, Robert Maloney Architects has been designing unique, custom homes for almost thirty years.  Their extensive design experience emphasizing customer service and ensuring client privacy has resulted in an enjoyable customer experience with highly successful project outcomes.


Maloney Architects has designed homes throughout the United States as well a scattering of international locales from the Bahamas to coastal British Columbia. The firm specializes in single family custom residential designs that address client needs as well as those imposed by building and zoning codes while respecting the natural environment and responding to site specific conditions. Founded by Robert Maloney in 1987, the firm joined forces with Jeffrey Saboda in 2000 to provide the latest in computer assisted design technology and varied architectural experience.

Jeff Saboda

Jeff has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and has been practicing Architecture in the Seattle area since 1981. Early work was performed with larger firms and includes office buildings, shopping centers and retirement communities. An early convert to the use of computers in design, Jeff made the switch to residential design in 1991 and in 2000 he joined Bob where his experience adds a dynamic element to the vision and direction in the firm’s design aesthetic.